Anna Villareal Jenkins for Judge Committee

Arnold for Council President

Bugg for Judge

Chillicothe City Schools Levy Committee

Citizens for Bonner

Citizens for City Treasurer Neal Committee

Citizens for County Auditor Neal

Citizens for County Commissioner Doug Corcoran Committee

Citizens for County Treasurer Byers

Citizens for Unioto

Committee for Scioto Valley School Levy

Committee to elect George Lavender for Sheriff

Committee to Re-elect Charlie Ortman County Engineer

Committee to Re-elect Tom Straub

Friends of Children’s Services

Henderson for Council

Hinton for Mayor

Kathy Dunn Committee

Malone for 4th Ward Council Committee

Pickaway Ross JVS Levy Committee

Pioneer Center Levy

Queen Lester for Third Ward Committee

Ross County Democratic Executive Committee

Ross County Democratic Party Restricted Fund

Ross County Health District Levy Committee

Ross County Republican Party – Restricted Fund

The Spetnagel for Auditor Committee

Ty Hinton for Clerk of Courts